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Digital Manometer

Digital Manometer, often known as electronic manometers, do not use hydrostatic balance to measure pressure. They instead include a pressure transducer, which is a mechanism that can transform an observed pressure level into an electrical signal whose characteristic strength is proportional to, or a proxy for, the amount of the pressure. Under pressure, the elastic section of the transducer deflects, and this deflection is translated to a quantity of an electrical variable that can be detected as well as calibrated to a pressure measurement. Pressure transducers generally employ one of three electrical parameters including resistive, capacitive, or inductive.
Product Image (DPT-FLOW-BATT)

Battery Operated Air Flow and Velocity Transmitter DPT-FLOW-BATT

  • Power Consumption:~20 mA on active mode Ampere
  • Display Type:Digital Only
  • Accuracy:1.5 % %
  • Material:ABS
  • Power Supply:9 Vdc battery
  • Range:0-7000 Pascal
Product Image (EMA 200)

Digital Display Manometer EMA 200

  • Range:+-200Pa (+-2mbar) & +-2kpa (+-20 mbar) & +-20 kPa (+-200 mbar) & +-200kPa (+-2000 mbar)
  • Power Supply:9 Volt Battery
  • Accuracy:+- 0.2% or +- 0.5% of max. value %
Product Image (EMA 84)

Digital Manometer EMA 84

  • Power Supply:9 Volt Battery
  • Range:0 100 Pa (0..1mbar) & 0 1kpa (010 mbar) & 0 ...10 kPa (0..100 mbar) & 0 100kPa (0..1000 mbar)
  • Accuracy:+- 0.2% or +- 0.5% of max. value %

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