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The Humidity Transmitter are sensors having an electrical transmission output for remote humidity detection. Some models include an LCD display, whereas others have alternative designs, and some transmitters are also mounted. The humidity transmitter is a waterproof relative humidity sensor module and package that is appropriate for monitoring relative humidity in high or harsh environment applications or when wash-downs are necessary. The device is intended for continual measurement of relative humidity and temperature and has a 2% accuracy. The Humidity Transmitter is intended for use in the building automation or HVAC markets and a wide range of general-purpose relative humidity measurement purposes.
Carbon Dioxide Transmitter is a category of sensors that includes sensors with an electrical transmission outcome for distant carbon dioxide level monitoring There are items that include optional relays and ome of these products have their application in ventilation. Carbon Dioxide Transmitters precisely monitor CO2 content and temperature in interior spaces to aid in energy savings. A single beam dual wavelength non-dispersive infrared sensor is utilised to automatically adjust the measurements in both occupied and unoccupied buildings against light source ageing effects for better sensor accuracy. The best degree of precision is provided by the single beam dual wavelength sensor technology.

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